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Given the impact that strong wind and weather can have on the trees around your home, you might become decidedly nervous if a tree growing on your property, or near your home, grows too tall or has a spread-out crown. This could well damage your home, or even cause injury, in the wrong circumstances. Crown thinning, an additional pruning service that we offer, is a great way to reduce the overall height of any tree and give it a more compact crown. This can reduce any risks or problems, whilst also not impacting the overall health of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a further pruning service that can sometimes be necessary for trees. The aim of this is to decrease the overall height of the tree, or spread of its crown. This can be advantageous for several different reasons, and can often be important for safety. It’s a selective form of pruning where certain critical branches and limbs are carefully pruned and cut, so less sprouts occur, and the overall crown of the tree is thinned out, hence the name. It’s not the same thing as tree topping.  

Crown Thinning vs. Tree Topping

With so many different technical terms, we know it often be confusing to understand what’s what and how things differ. Although sometimes mistaken, tree topping and crown thinning are certainly not the same thing. Tree topping is the process of using head cuts to cut down the branches to stubs. Although this has the similar effect of reducing the overall height of a tree, it can do long term damage to the health of your tree. Crown thinning is a process of more careful and strategic pruning and cutting. Hence, why crown thinning is often seen as a better alternative.

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Health of Your Tree

Looking after the health of your trees is important. It’s the best way to ensure they look great and really add that something extra special to the look of your home or property. Crown thinning is a great way to reduce the height of trees around your home without impacting their overall health long term. This is unlike tree topping, which can have a wide range of negative long-term side effects on the health and growth of your trees. This simply means you can keep your tree healthy as well as safe.


Crown thinning is another way that you can make sure your trees are safe, and there’s no risk to your family and home. Trees with too much height, or a crown that’s really spread out, can pose a risk in the wrong circumstances, especially in severe weather. Crown thinning is an effective, and safe, way to reduce the overall height and span of your trees crown, thus minimizing any risks. Further to this, crown thinning can help the interior of your tree to grow more, making the tree grow stronger overall and lessening the chances of any risks or problems even further. 

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